The Flies I Fish With


New Red Chaser
   2 red/gold
   2 blue/copper
Mud Minnow
   1 natural
Red Bug
     1 Orange
     1 Chartreuse
Deluxe Spoonfly (2) Captain Billy's Bucktail Shrimp
     2 Chartreuse/Pearl
     2 Tan     
Neon Shrimp (2)
Tiger Popper (1) Blue Crab (2) Copper Crab (2)
EP Crab (1)
Bud Tuggli
1 rootbeer
1 chartreuse
Marsh Minnow 
1 tan
Only the flies that I fish with go into this premium package.  It's not that other flies I build won't work, it's just that these are the ones that stay in my own fly box all the time, and get replaced without any changes.  Every fly in this package has produced redfish for me, and they'll work for you as well.  The package contains 12 different patterns, a total of 24 flies, as shown opposite, and comes in a custom "poor boy" fly box.  The whole package makes a great gift for any fly fisher, but it's especially appropriate for a beginner who can be ready for marsh redfish with one box of flies.  Allow some extra time for delivery, because I won't rush on my favorite flies.
Redfish Favorites                        $65.00   

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