GIP2 (Genuine Imitation Plastic, Mark II)  As Featured in the Winter 2009 Fly Tyer magazine

Step 1: Slide a cone head onto a long-shank 90-degree jig hook, like the Eagle Claw 635, size 4 to 1/0. Use a small cone for size 4, large for size 2 and 1/0.  Tie in a tail of EP fiber blended with Ice Wing.  Just Add H20 Flash n' Slinky also is good tail material.
Step 2:  Tie in a length of EP Anadromous Brush and wind densely up the hook shank. Keep the fibers pulled back as you make each turn, as you would a hackle collar.  EP dubbing brushes come in several styles; the Anadromous Brush has built in flash.
Step 3.  Tie of the completed body wrap behind the cone, leaving enough room in front of the cone to add a "nose cone" of thread. Cement in place.
Step 4:  With a fine comb, tease out the body fibers to full length, trying to free any that are trapped under the wraps.
Step 5: Trim the body into a fat triangle shape, as viewed from the front. The body should also taper toward the tail.
The finished fly should resemble a soft plastic lure like a Bass Assassin.

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