Charlie's Plopsicle

Cross a Crease Fly with a Gartside Gurgler, and this simple but effective foam popper is the result.  One of my Florida customers raves about it so much that I named it after him.

Hook:  Mustad 34007 or similar, size 2 or 1/0
Thread: Red 3/0
Tail: Red and white bucktail
Flash: Opal Mirage Flashabou
Underbody:  Holographic Cactus Chenille
Weedguard: 80 lb. mono
Body: White Craft Foam (3mm for 1/0, 2mm for 2)

Step 1: Tie in a tail of red bucktail over 3 or 4 strands of opal Mirage Flashabou or similar over white bucktail.  Substitute marabou or tailing material of your choice.  Tail should be about 1 1/2 times length of the hook shank, and should be tied in starting about 1/4 inch back from the hook eye.  Substitute flash of your choice, but the mirage Flashabou is really good, as is the new DNA Holo Chromosome flash.  Add a drop of super glue to lock everything together, as this fly has a tendency to spin on the hook shank unless it's glued in place.
Step 2:  Cut a piece of white craft foam similar to what you would use for a crease fly, except narrower at the tail end.  I start with a blank for a crease fly and modify it.  Use 3mm foam for size 1/0 hooks, and 2mm foam for size 2 hooks.  Black or gray body foam also works well.
Step 3:  Lash the foam body in place, wrapping the narrow end firmly to the shank.  The foam, when folded forward, should extend even with the front of the hook eye.  Add a couple of drops of super glue to secure.
Step 4:  Before the glue from step 3 cures, wrap an underbody of holographic Cactus Chenille or similar.  Add a "stick" weedguard of 80 lb. mono if desired, and wrap a substantial thread head.
Step 5:  With the tying thread at the back of the head, fold the foam body forward and wrap securely over it, pulling down hard enough to flare the front portion into a deep cup face over the hook eye.  Whip finish over the body and add more super glue over the thread.  Add rubber legs on both sides if you want, although the fly casts better without them.
Step 6 (optional): Color the mouth of the fly with a red permanent marker, and add eyes with a paint pen.  Coat with Hard as Nails or similar if desired, but lay off the epoxy.  It makes the fly heavy, even if it makes it more durable.  These are so easy to tie that I'd rather put on a new one after 4 or 5 fish than try to make each one last a lifetime.  This fly pops and gurgles with a normal retrieve, but a hard, long strip will pull it under.  The eponymous Charlie says bass will take it underwater and hold on to it because it's soft.

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